Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Paint the Town Pink 5k 2014 Race Report

What a fun day to get to run with my buddy. This was the third Panorama Study Club Paint the Town Pink 5k/1 mile fun run that raises money for women to get mammograms. What an amazing cause! I love racing for something that matters. 

The race began with a speech by Mrs. Lynn Comeens, and it was remarkable and so touching. She is undergoing treatments for breast cancer right now, and it was such an inspiration to see her walking the mile and hearing her story. It was also an honor to get to walk/run with other survivors.  Soooo inspirational! Things like this really put things into perspective for you. 
The Panorama Ladies

I debated the night before on running with Isaac, but since it ended up being 55 degrees, I decided on running with him. I'm sure glad he got to. We had a blast. Heath led the way on his bike, and we all three did the one mile together. This was my third stroller 5k, and it was the fastest yet. I hope to eventually get under 26 minutes. The hills really set me back, though. It's hard pushing a 60+ pound stroller up a long hill! The male and female age groups were together, and I got third place behind two guys. 

So here are my kids!!!! One or two who were there are missing from the picture, though. Some are former students, but most are current. The twins ran...and won...I almost beat 'em. No. I didn't. Really. And they don't train, y'all. The girl between them raced, too. I love to see my kiddos out running. They inspire me because there's no way I would've done something like this in high school. If you know me, you're nodding your head in agreement right this very moment. Mmm hmmm. 
Halley and Courtney, look at the camera!! :)
Ok. That's better. 

Uh oh. Isaac has spotted a tire.
Must. Have. Tire. 
                   A tire! I can live another day now! Bliss! It moves! Wait. I know it's supposed to. Why is it not moving? Someone make it move! Sigh. 
Daddy and Isaac before the race.
Must. Get. Back. To. Tire. 
I. Am. In. Control. Of. The. Round. Moving. Device.

The volunteers were great, and there were lots of snacks to feast on when you crossed the finish line. Everyone did a great job putting it on!

Here are some pictures from the race!
Kristin and her little boy. He did the one mile!
Tony about to be finished

Jessica and her friend

Rhonda and her daughter, Anna Kate
Ready to go! I look like a flamingo. Pink bird legs are all the rage this year!

 This is Miss Alexa before the race.

Here's the Eat Healthy, Move More Facebook group gang. We are missing our organizer/coordinator, Michelle; our speedy "beast" gonzales, Laura; our Disney princess, Ashley; and our Sweet Melissa, but we had a pretty big group to come out and represent. Good times. 

Check out Isaac's face at the start! He looks scared! :-)
The one mile fun run start...

    Cyndi and Vanessa after the race
Kristin and her two daughters

Michaela about to cross the finish line
Speedy Wanda!

Regina, Shelley, Carla, and her daughter

The second lady in the front is a survivor!

Ahh...you've got to love finish line pictures.
The age group winners (The little lady--3rd in the back--used to run back in the day. She did the 5k, and I'm pretty sure she's in her 70s? Wow!!)

This has become one of my favorite races. I'm so blessed to have two really awesome 5ks in my community that support such great causes. I love seeing faces of people I know out running and walking. What's more, I love seeing kids and mamas with strollers out with their kids! This is so special! I also loved watching people train at the park and in town every morning before the sun was even close to coming up. That is so motivational. Running the race and finishing are incredible, but it's the training that really reveals something special within us. 

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review

Here is my honest review of my first Honest Essentials Bundle experience...
So about a month ago, I ordered an awesome bundle from The Honest Company. I talk about my first incredible experience with them here.  By the way, there's an invitation at the bottom for you to become a member. It's free, and you get $10 on your first purchase! Since I'm a member, I get the occasional email for free shipping and discounts, so I bit the bullet and got a bundle when I saw that bundles were 40% off. They have three bundles: diapers/wipes, health and wellness, and essentials. The Health and Wellness bundle includes vitamins and other immunity boosting products (definitely want to try their vitamins...they're very bioavailable meaning that your body absorbs them better than vitamins that aren't bioavailable). The Diapers and Wipes bundle is pretty self explanatory. :) The Essentials bundle was definitely what I needed at the time, and the thought of getting to pick and choose what went into the bundle sounded a-maaaa-zing. After you pick five things to go into it ($35), you get to pick three extra things with an additional 25% off. (Man, their marketing department is intelligent!) Well, I ordered wipes, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, shampoo/body wash, and conditioner. I also got dishwasher detergent, a scrub brush and dish, and toothpaste. Five things were for the bundle, and three were for the extra 25% off. Luckily, I got a 40% off discount (Wowza!) in my email box, so my bundle only ended up being a little over $20. With the three additional items, my total came to around $40. It was a $60 total before discounts! Ok...now for the review.
I love the toothpaste. It sort of tastes like your grandma's baking soda Colgate, but you know it's super safe and healthy. There is no flouride, but they replace it by adding in other minerals to remineralize your teeth. There's also mint, no saccharin, and baking soda. I really love it. I give it three thumbs up because my natural toothpaste I made was absolutely awful. I'm willing to pay, buddy...willing to pay!
I like the dishwasher detergent, but I give it a 9. I didn't get the rinse aid, and I probably should've. Whereas my dishes were extremely cloudy beforehand with my castile soap recipe, these were 99% better. However, they don't seem to be absolutely crystal clear, and you know what? They probably weren't before, but I just didn't notice it like I do now. I plan to get the rinse aid next, though. I'll try the pods sometime, too. 
The toilet bowl cleaner works like a charm. I have no complaints at all.
The scrub brush and dish is a great idea if you like washing a few things and rinsing them quickly under the sink. I wish I had time to do more handwashing, but I don't. I like the little spring idea that makes it convenient for the soap to get onto the brush, but I have only done that once. It does save water, but like I said, I usually use the dishwasher. My only complaint is that I wish it were longer. I am used to using a bottle brush, and I love that I don't have to get my hands in the hot water. I also love that I can get the brush into just about any glass, bottle, or dish I have. You just can't do that with this one, so hopefully, Honest will hear my plea and come out with a bottle brush. In fact, they need to come out with bottles! I mean, really! That would be the best idea. 
The glass cleaner didn't get shipped to me first; they sent the multi-surface cleaner instead. I simply called them up and talked to a human being in like 10 seconds. A very nice lady chatted with me about the situation and kindly sent me the glass cleaner for free. So...I got to keep the multi-surface cleaner, too. The multi-surface glass cleaner works great on wood! I have been using it to polish my dining room table. It says so on the back of the bottle in case you're wondering. It also works fairly well on granite. I'm very pleased with it. Mine smells like white grapefruit. Yum. :)
So when I got the glass cleaner, I didn't really like it that much at first because it still streaked. I have since figured out that I'm using too much cleaner and that if I'd only continue wiping the area down, the smudges will go away. It smells like vinegar...not my favorite, but at least it does a better job than the kind I made. I couldn't figure out a method to use that didn't smear. I know in my heart that nothing will ever work as well as Windex, but I'm willing to continue searching. I give it a 8.5 I guess.
The wipes are incredible. They are extra sturdy and very big...much bigger than the average size of wipes. I like the texture of them, too. Without getting into too much detail, they do a good job of well...doing their job. I really, really love these and will continue buying them. I've tried the diapers before, and they're the cutest diapers you'll ever find. However, they're more expensive than I prefer to spend on diapers, so I probably won't be purchasing those in the future. They are soooo good, though. And cute. And adorable. :(
I like the shampoo and body wash, but it doesn't lather up like what I'm used to using. I realize that it's baby shampoo, too. (Yay! No tear formula!) It does the job, though, and it smells amazing. The scent is orange vanilla, and it smells like cake! I love it but wish it had more suds. In my head I feel like suds do more cleaning, but I've had no problems with my hair not being clean after one wash. I guess it's all in my head. Hehe. :)
The conditioner is amazing. Like the shampoo, it smells like birthday cake, and flowers, and summertime, and happiness. Yum. It's super thick and creamy. I just love it. 
I've also tried their handsoap (works great and smells great but again, not a big lather going on), their Healing Balm (great for eczema, cuticles, rough patches, and diaper rash issues), their 4 in 1 laundry pods (incredible, sooo convenient, and safe for every member of the family--even Baby), and their body lotion (oohhh...it smells so good, and Isaac feels so soft and buttery when I put it on him.) 
What I really like about the Essentials Bundle Experience...
1. I like that I can mix and match. Next month I will get some things that I haven't tried yet. I'm super excited about it. 
2. I like that I get 25% off three more items.
3. I like that I get reminded when my bundle is coming up so that if I want to change the items or put it off to another month, I can.
4. I really like that I can skip around with my bundle. If I don't want it this month, I don't have to get it. Sometimes you just haven't run out of anything. There are no monthly commitments.
5. I really like my customer service experience. I talked with a lady who spoke very clearly, and I got through to her very quickly. She was very educated on the process of bundling and just the products in general. I've never felt like I was talking to an old friend while discussing a mistake in my order. I mean, who has? But this time, that's how I felt. I was laughing and smiling, and I was all like...am I talking to someone in customer service? Where's the elevator music? Where's the twenty minute wait? Where's the person I can't understand? I know. It was bliss.
Here is my own personal invitation to you to go check them out. I wish I would've known about Honest when Isaac was first born. They have adorable nursery furniture, prenatal vitamins, household products, and more. I just wish they would come out with more stuff! Like clothes...bottles...food?!? :)
Check out The Honest Company on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.