Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Honest Company Flash Sale : 25% off Sitewide March 26-27!

Hurry and order from Honest during their flash sale! Get 25% off sitewide, y'all. SITEWIDE! :) Click below to redeem your coupon. Act fast because the sale ends tomorrow at noon! (3/27/15)


Are you ready for the sun? Click the link below to get sun block, swim hats, and swim shirts at 50% off.

50% off select spring essentials: sunblock lotion, sun hats, swim shirts

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Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DIY Baby Powder

Recently, baby powder has received some flak. Apparently, the fine particles go airborne, trapping themselves in Baby's lungs. So much for all those years of being a tried and true ingredient to a happy baby bottom. Anyway, sometimes I like to break the rules. I sort of like how baby powder keeps my baby dry, especially at night.

I took a simple 4 ounce canning jar and poked holes on the top with a knife. The holes are a little larger than on the normal plastic containers, and in my head, these holes seem like they'll create less dust. That's just me, though. It seems plausible. So far, it has produced heavier clumps without any dust at all. I love how heavy it goes on. I think the powder itself is heavier than normal baby powder.

I took my jar and filled it about 3/4 of the way full with arrowroot powder (nature's cornstarch and gluten-free flour) and filled up the rest with kaolin clay. This clay is a great wetness absorber, and it's a beautiful white color. Finally, I chopped up about a tbsp. of calendula blossoms and made a powder. I put about 1 tsp. of the powder into the jar. I then mixed it altogether.

To prevent spillage, simply place another lid on top of the one with holes. You can buy a pack of lids at the grocery store. They're beside the jars. :)

I love how easy this is to make. You can take any sized jar and follow the recipe.

I get most of my products from Vitacost and Bramble Berry.

With an adorable tag and ribbon, this would be a sweet little gift for a new mom and baby. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Nuun Friends and Family 20% off Discount!

If you've ever wanted to try Nuun, now's the time! Take 20% at the Nuun store until 3/26/15 using this code: luckynuunfriends.

My favorite flavors are the Cherry Limeade Nuun Energy (40 mg. of caffeine), the Tangerine Lime All Day (Two tablets have your RDA for the day! And they're fantastic in sparkling water, especially flavored water like La Croix Coconut or Mango), and Kona Kola regular Nuun. (It seriously tastes like Coke, and it has 40 mg. of caffeine!)

Here are some great things about Nuun.
*It has around 10 calories instead of 100+ per serving like your typical Gatorade or Powerade.
*It has vitamins.
*It has a light, fizzy, effervescence that keeps your mouth feeling good during a workout. (No salty, sticky Gatorade mouth!)
*It comes in a cool, reusable tube that's compact and easy to travel with. (They're great for any kind of pill or loose change!)
*There are 12 tablets per tube (on average they're 50 cents a tablet...that's a steal! However, with your discount, you'll be getting a tablet for 40 cents. If you have kids who drink a Gatorade a day, imagine the savings!)
*It has a pretty awesome following. Check out Nuun!


Friday, March 13, 2015

Get 35% Off Your First Bundle with Honest

This would be a great time to buy your first bundle from Honest if you've been thinking about it in the past. They have an awesome, brand new Organic Infant Formula + DHA Bundle they just debuted about a month ago.

Try Our New Organic Infant Formula!

Nursing? Try their Lactation Plus supplement with Fenugreek and Milk Thistle. This would be great to try if you're nursing or planning on nursing in the future.
Image result for honest lactation plus

They also have adorable nursing covers/scarves and silicone bottles.
Image result for honest silicone bottlesImage result for honest nursing covers

Still in diapers? Their Diaper and Wipes Bundle has brand new spring prints that are adorable!

Image result for honest spring diapers

I'm a huge fan of the Health and Wellness Bundle and the Essentials bundle. The Essentials Bundle creates an avenue for you to test out just about every single one of their products at a discounted price. This is where you can try the cleaning items, everyday items (like sunscreen, bug repellent, soap, lip balm, fabric refresher), and baby items.
Image result for honest essential bundleImage result for honest baby products

I'm particularly fond of the baby products. I use the Health and Wellness Bundle for vitamins for Isaac and me, too. We love these.

Image result for honest woman vitamins

Every bundle gives you a chance to get three other things at 25% off, too. It's a great deal!

You can push the date of your automatic bundle delivery forward as far as you want if you don't want it every month. You can also mix and match your products each delivery. It's so awesome getting an Honest box in the mail. Seriously.

You're invited!

Click on the "You're invited" link and sign up. New members get a discount! Then go search out a bundle you want, using the promotion code MARBUNDLE35OFF. The discount expires Sunday, the 15th of March! Hurry and get your bundle before it's too late! :)